Tree of life


Family is life

Family is life
Life that is branched outward
Branched with new leaves
Leaves that provide berries
Berries that are gathered by all
Gathered to feed family
Family that is life


Pouring Water

Placed in the sky for all to see
A beautiful creature she is to me
Only those who know where
Only those who feel care
Certain times in a year you can find
the maiden and her water vase
So small it seems, wondering
Never realizing the flow of air
Form of stars eccentrically designed
Learn from her it is a one of a mind
that is ever kind
replenishing the fates
knowledge always flows
Pouring water from God’s window


Rolling off your tongue

Stories, you have many

Lost in your web

Your web spun so deep

No way out

You push your silk forward

Round and round forever you have spun

Spun in your web you start to believe

So deep you are

No flies to catch, bugs to feed

Your webs of stories are so deep

You live by the lies you tell


By: Pral

A Moment In Time

At a still moment, a pause, the news was to change a path in life

Not sure of the travel, only one step at a time

Bags packed, healing begins

At a still moment, a pause, a new soul is born

Didn’t know how, wasn’t sure of the travel, only one step at a time

Growing, learning, not once did your love ever stop

Silent struggles, tears, pain, God even gave a broken wing

Didn’t know how, wasn’t sure of the travel, only one step at a time

Humbling traits, knowledge of fates, banging down the iron gates

At a still moment, a pause, grown to exceed every cause and souring with your horns first

Showing the world this is love and never hate

Seeing the path, clear bright travel, letting the feet run on the gravel

At a Still moment, a pause, a man is everything your mother can see in you

Two souls bound, forever combined, you taught me how to climb

So sure am I now, through you I see

You are exactly a piece of me

A mothers crown worn high, joy is the only reason you make me cry

My path is clear with no more fear

Now it is your turn, spread your broken wing, I know you can fly

I have built you a nest deep inside, you don’t have to look hard, just feel my pride

Proud of you I am, the day God gave me my little man


Paying the “consequence” of “promises” so I could learn that when “drive” I find my own light and feel “the warmth” of the universe, at times I stop to think how “I miss you” and “wish you where here”. Every path you’ve shown me has a “stellar” effect, so “pardon me” while I rise above the flame with the wings you helped me grow.

Don’t worry I know it’s time, “if not now, when”.

~~~~~credit goes to Incubus, for having music that helped change my life. Each word marked is a song Incubus wrote and performed.~~~~~~

Happy 16th Birthday Son

16 years ago today April 21, 2011 the most amazing person entered my life. I was a single mom, not sure of anything that was about to happen. After 8 months of worring about this little person growing inside me, when we came into this world, he was perfect. I thank God my mother, sister Karen and step-father Harald where there by my side the entire 16 hours. Over the years as an infant he always exceeded every developmental chart, along with motor skills. At 9 months old he took 5 steps on my 21st birthday, February 9th 1996. He was never a sick baby, always happy and loving. He has had his struggles over the years but what young child hasn’t. When I realized that he was growing up, he was already a teenager. I know I haven’t been the “perfect mother” and I know I have taken some wrong turns with you in the passenger seat, I also know that you wouldn’t have it any other way. You have so many paths ahead already paving through most, even when there are bumps you simple smooth it over or detour. Your gentle heart and your amazing soul make you an unforgetable Human, A gentle giant. I have never loved anything so much in this life as I love you son, when I sit back and think of you I see IMAGINE. I will love you forever, even when we can’t seen to find each other. The imprint you have left on my heart, my life is remarkable. May God bless you as you begin this new day as a man. I am so proud of you Austin. Happy Birthday,


Chronicles of a Crossguard

For sometime I have talked about writing a book about my experience as a school crossing guard. I know that it doesn’t seem that exciting but see if through my eyes and I promise it is more than holding a sign. I started cross guarding in August 2008 to June 2009, I started back in September 2010 to current. I work on Lakeline and Cougar Country in the morning and Lakeline and New Hope in the afternoon. I cross elementary and junior high students with two of the amazing ladies I ever met, Lavenda and Cyndie. Through their encouragement this is coming to light.

Chapter 1 – SLOW DOWN (yes there is a school zone)

In the morning as the world is starting to move and all the busy bee’s are leaving for work, We are standing on the corner waiting to cross children. We know how mornings can be, we are human after all, there are a few (repeat offenders too) that either dismiss the two REALLY BIG blinking yellow lights on a sign that says “SCHOOL ZONE 20 MPH”, or they are running late and try to fly through without being stopped. Let’s start with the drivers who speed, SLOW DOWN, yes that is a school zone and yes there are little children who have to cross the street. We know you’re in a hurry because you either slept in or took to long getting ready, you already know what time you have to be there so why are you still rushing? I will say, even though it is dangerous, speeders are our favorite people to stop, and yes we hold the sign and we can hold it as long as we see fit (properly crossing the kids of course). So maybe next time I would think about leaving just a few minutes earlier because we will slow you down. My favorite is when we see a speeder coming through (can’t yell at them anymore) we look at the driver and look down at their license plates (like we can see it) and watch them step on their brakes as they pass, yes even you Mr. Shifty Eyes, you know when drivers look down to see how fast they are going and try to do it by shifting only their eyes? We see that too! If you have to check your speed I’m 99% positive you are speeding. It’s sad the best entertainment we get is watching the police (which happens on a RARE occasion) pull the habitual speeders over! Double FINE!!!!! What really amazes me is when the drivers give us the look, you know the I CAN”T BELIEVE YOU JUST MADE ME STOP LOOK. Yes, we really just jumped out in the road, while you where speeding already, and help up our little red sign that clearly says “STOP” not “POTS”. We have been cursed at, flipped off, called on and my favorite, the sign runner. I guess they thought the sign said “POTS”, maybe we should be crossing them to walk back to school so they can learn to read again.

My thought for this is “People these are your children we are crossing, making sure they get to school safe so you can relax and not rush.” So please next time SLOW DOWN.

**********if I have spare time in the day or evenings I will post new entries on different (bad, good, funny, sad) experience***********