Jedi/Sith Mom

There comes a time when a Momma just feels this way….

Just saying

LOL ~ Pral



Acid Rimmed Glasses

My view of you is different then what you see

Always wearing my acid rimmed glasses

My perception is clear

The universe my soul

The earth my body

My thoughts, My images, My tender touch that helps ease your soul when you’ve carried too much weight

At times I take my crazy eyes off 

Only can i see negatively despair greed

All has turned to black seed that can never feed

I then decided to create a pair for your eyes

Now your view is the view i always SEE


You are my greatest accomplishment in leading to the light, i pray you will always be BRIGHT ~ Pral


I woke this morning and you haunted my dreams, scaring me, threatening me.
My heart pounded, my hands shake.
I sat and dwelled in my head almost like a premonition of what’s to come.
I sat and doubted myself, I sat and almost let it spin me to the dark place within my head.
Then I remembered I have light, I know how to shine, you have no control over me, you have no right trying to steal my light.
I have sat dim for so long and as my heart started to grow, the stronger my heart grew it threatened you, scaring you.
You have no sway on me, come along for the ride and you will see.
I have fought you for so long, keeping you from the place you don’t belong.
I am not weak so I will not allow you to drag me down at my peak.
My light will shine, shine brighter then you can imagine.
I will blind you with my glittering rays, so stay at your dark bays.
I have an army that will fight for me, oh come along for the ride and you will see.
I Believe
I Believe in Me
I Believe in the Light, the Purity, the Love, the happiness, the Passion…
Of all these you don’t and can’t posses.
Don’t try to take mine, it is not for you, only those who embrace it.
The battles I have fought against you, the tears I have cried, the holes I have placed myself in to only find no end to your darkness.
I stand firm now, I am ready, I know I am who carries the light.
So I will SHINE