Jedi/Sith Mom

There comes a time when a Momma just feels this way….

Just saying

LOL ~ Pral



Tree of life


Family is life

Family is life
Life that is branched outward
Branched with new leaves
Leaves that provide berries
Berries that are gathered by all
Gathered to feed family
Family that is life

A mother’s Love


Hugs, kisses, tears, laughter, worry, soft hands

There are so many other things is that I can remember my mother growing up throughout my short 40 years I’ve had with her. I can remember still to this day the smell of her hair her skin the sill of her skin and her pretty green eyes so kind. Throughout my childhood my mother and I I had a different type of relationship you want the usual mother daughter you normally see in everyday life. Of all the wrongs of all the rights I know that I have been the Blessed One because there is no other love greater of this world then the unconditional love of a mother. happy birthday to the most amazing woman in my universe happy birthday mom.

The Sunrises of Pral

Acid Rimmed Glasses

My view of you is different then what you see

Always wearing my acid rimmed glasses

My perception is clear

The universe my soul

The earth my body

My thoughts, My images, My tender touch that helps ease your soul when you’ve carried too much weight

At times I take my crazy eyes off 

Only can i see negatively despair greed

All has turned to black seed that can never feed

I then decided to create a pair for your eyes

Now your view is the view i always SEE


You are my greatest accomplishment in leading to the light, i pray you will always be BRIGHT ~ Pral

Pouring Water

Placed in the sky for all to see
A beautiful creature she is to me
Only those who know where
Only those who feel care
Certain times in a year you can find
the maiden and her water vase
So small it seems, wondering
Never realizing the flow of air
Form of stars eccentrically designed
Learn from her it is a one of a mind
that is ever kind
replenishing the fates
knowledge always flows
Pouring water from God’s window


Rolling off your tongue

Stories, you have many

Lost in your web

Your web spun so deep

No way out

You push your silk forward

Round and round forever you have spun

Spun in your web you start to believe

So deep you are

No flies to catch, bugs to feed

Your webs of stories are so deep

You live by the lies you tell


By: Pral

A Moment In Time

At a still moment, a pause, the news was to change a path in life

Not sure of the travel, only one step at a time

Bags packed, healing begins

At a still moment, a pause, a new soul is born

Didn’t know how, wasn’t sure of the travel, only one step at a time

Growing, learning, not once did your love ever stop

Silent struggles, tears, pain, God even gave a broken wing

Didn’t know how, wasn’t sure of the travel, only one step at a time

Humbling traits, knowledge of fates, banging down the iron gates

At a still moment, a pause, grown to exceed every cause and souring with your horns first

Showing the world this is love and never hate

Seeing the path, clear bright travel, letting the feet run on the gravel

At a Still moment, a pause, a man is everything your mother can see in you

Two souls bound, forever combined, you taught me how to climb

So sure am I now, through you I see

You are exactly a piece of me

A mothers crown worn high, joy is the only reason you make me cry

My path is clear with no more fear

Now it is your turn, spread your broken wing, I know you can fly

I have built you a nest deep inside, you don’t have to look hard, just feel my pride

Proud of you I am, the day God gave me my little man