Happy 16th Birthday Son

16 years ago today April 21, 2011 the most amazing person entered my life. I was a single mom, not sure of anything that was about to happen. After 8 months of worring about this little person growing inside me, when we came into this world, he was perfect. I thank God my mother, sister Karen and step-father Harald where there by my side the entire 16 hours. Over the years as an infant he always exceeded every developmental chart, along with motor skills. At 9 months old he took 5 steps on my 21st birthday, February 9th 1996. He was never a sick baby, always happy and loving. He has had his struggles over the years but what young child hasn’t. When I realized that he was growing up, he was already a teenager. I know I haven’t been the “perfect mother” and I know I have taken some wrong turns with you in the passenger seat, I also know that you wouldn’t have it any other way. You have so many paths ahead already paving through most, even when there are bumps you simple smooth it over or detour. Your gentle heart and your amazing soul make you an unforgetable Human, A gentle giant. I have never loved anything so much in this life as I love you son, when I sit back and think of you I see IMAGINE. I will love you forever, even when we can’t seen to find each other. The imprint you have left on my heart, my life is remarkable. May God bless you as you begin this new day as a man. I am so proud of you Austin. Happy Birthday,



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